If you can stand or sit on it, we can probably clean it!

According to a report by ABC News the dirt and bacteria on your floors can be “dirtier than a toilet seat.” The best way to keep your family safe from environmental germs is to do routine cleaning on all your floors. To top that off, it’s always best to have a professional come and do a thorough cleaning of all your floor space. This will help ensure that you and your family stay healthy! Approved Carpet Care and Tile Cleaning offers services for carpet, area rugs, tile, stone, upholstery, and even structural drying from water or flood damage. 

We want your home to be fresh, clean, and approved!

Our Services

  • carpets

    Certified carpet cleaning tech, certified spot removal, certified pet odor and stain removal. If it can be cleaned, we cam probably clean it. 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Clean, deodorize and protect, ask about our Premier Package.

  • tile and stone

    We make your tile and stone floor stunning! We can take out the deepest stains. We don’t just stop at floors – if you have tile or stone countertops, we can take care of that too!

  • upholstery and Area Rugs

    Certified fine fabric and upholstery cleaning specialist. body oils, hair care products, spills and messes, life happens, we can help clean it up.

  • structural drying

    If you’ve had a serious problem – be it a pesky, long-time leak or a full-fledged flood – we can dry it up. We’ve got 24-hour emergency service that’s licensed and insured.